Meet the international speaker at this year’s International Permanent Makeup Conference, Will Anthony ®.

With over 22 years of experience, Will Anthony ® has an illustrious career.

Will utilizes his extensive permanent cosmetic experience to provide a unique and effective service that is unparalleled within the industry and is marked by a completely natural, subtle approach. Will truly understands the value of beauty to his clients.

Will Anthony owned and operated several tattoo studios, as well as Will Anthony ® Permanent Cosmetics and After Inked ® The Guest Spot™.  Will draws from his all-encompassing background to combine traditional tattooing techniques with current permanent makeup techniques, and along with his exceptional artistic skill, he is able to achieve his trademarked Smoky Lash Enhancement ®.

He strives to reinvent himself and stay current without following the ever-changing trends and styles. He has crafted his own permanent makeup machine, finely hand-tuned

to perfection. And more recently he has developed his own Will Anthony ® eyeliner pigments with LI Pigments in their Artist Signature Series. The SAF ® coil machine and Will Anthony’s eyeliner pigments are available to students and technicians worldwide. In addition to

partnering with After Inked ® for their first tattoo shop, Will has also been on a joint venture with them and Teryn Darling of Girlz Ink, to develop Skinful Beauty ®, the world’s first permanent makeup aftercare that is all that is loved about After Inked ® products but is delicate enough for the skin of the face.

For information on Will’s Advanced Eyeliner/Smoky Lash Enhancement ® classes, please contact kristin@willanthonycosmetics.com.


I was born in Odessa but I grew up in a small town. As a child, I was fond of animals. I would find some sick ones, bring home and take care of them. So after school I went to a veterinary college, where I got interested in microbiology. I completed the college course with honors and to continue my education I chose a specialty of microbiologist-virologist at the Odessa State University, which I also graduated with honors (1997-2003).

In my life I have tried a number of jobs, however I have taken most pleasure in making women happy by giving them new looks. So after I was 35, I decided to change the career and became a stylist. I got fascinated with permanent makeup technique. I completed my first course in Moscow, since then I have constantly tried to improve my skills and advance my professional qualifications. In 2016 I became a partner and trainer for Swiss Color. In 2018 I became an international instructor.

I believe it is important to find yourself, no matter how old you are. Life gives everyone a second chance to make a new beginning. And if you are lucky, your hobby becomes your job which lets you feel free. This is how I feel now.

My specialty:
I specialize in permanent makeup techniques of eyebrows, lips, eyes, microblading.

Offering trainings in:
I offer master classes and training courses in amber-powder eyebrows; lips nude effect, aquarelle affect, lipstick effect, pearl lips; classic eyeliner, eyeliner with shading; eyebrows microblading.

School-Studio PMU by Tatiana Polivanova
Email: swisscolor.ua@gmail.com
Viber/Whatsapp: +38 093 462 4494