Hi I’m Manuela Gabriella Incendiario , I have been in the industry for 15 years and I am recognized as an ethnic skin specialist and celebrity ethnic skin artist.

In the year 2000 I graduated with honours in Beauty Therapy and was then given an amazing opportunity to work onboard SilverSeas luxury cruise ships as a beauty therapist then spa manageress.

After traveling the world for 3 years and having achieved all I had set out to do, I then opted for a different challenge. I moved to London to allow myself the opportunity to grow within my creative career. It was during this period that I met Tracey Simpson of Natural Enhancement (UK) whom is considered a leader in the permanent make up industry in the UK. After realising the benefits of permanent cosmetics, I completed a comprehensive all-round permanent cosmetics training course In 2003.

Upon my return to South Africa I 2005 I combined my passion for “natural” looking permanent cosmetics and my 10 years of make up cosmetic experience to present you with Flawless Professional Cosmetics. Over the years I have spent many hours in my career furthering my education and I take pride in my training with a few masters – Sviatoslav Otchenash, Monica Ivani and  Mary Richardson to name a few. Mary coming from Florida does a huge amount of dark skinned ethnic clients (hairstrokes and ombré) and this sparked my interest to Master Fitz 4-6 skin types .

Many professional technicians are not skilled in the process of micro-pigmentation for ethnic/African-American skins.

As a result, these clients are often turned away from professionals at clinics and salons. This is due to the complex nature of color matching for dark skin. Even with the incredibly diverse selection of colors available to most professional technicians, it is still, according to many of them, difficult to determine a suitable match.

Rather than risk a result that is not pleasing to the client or legal backlash of some sort, some professionals instead refuse treatment. This has long been an unfortunate aspect of the permanent makeup industry.

In recent years, however, there has been a positive trend in ethnic /Afro American Permanent Makeup application. Many clinics are now offering color matches that are recommended especially for African-American skin. As well as a deeper understanding in the nature of dark skins.

I can’t wait to share my knowledge on this skin type and guide you to have perfect healed results as well as improve you confidence on Fitz 4-6.


Philippa has been involved in the beauty, health and skincare industry since 1985, when she qualified as a beauty therapist from the London Institute of Beauty Culture in England.

She has had her own skin care and medical aesthetic centres since 1987, so has invaluable experience in the successful managing and marketing of them.

She did her first permanent make-up course in 1990 learning the hand method (currently called microblading).  She then made it her mission to learn everything there was to learn about the art.  In 1991 she completed a course in the UK, in 1992 in Hong Kong, in 1994 in Germany and in 1998 she joined the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and did further studying in the United States every year. She has been a lecturer for in USA for the SPCP and in Mexico at various congresses.  Philippa became an educator for permanent make-up in 1992 and has built up a very successful training school, she also has a very loyal client base to ensure that she remains on the cutting edge of delivering perfect permanent make-up.

Philippa’s passion is to ensure that people doing permanent make-up have been trained correctly and are not damaging innocent clients, she therefore loves sharing her knowledge with whoever would like to learn.


I started my career in 2002 after studying professional Makeup Artistry for Film and Television. The techniques and effects of Permanent Cosmetics always fascinated me, so I went on to study my PMU fundamentals in 2004. I fell in love with the smell of gloves; sterility, hygiene and anaesthetics…freshly opened sterile needles and attachments. I thought “WOW! I feel like a real professional and I can enhance me clients’’ beauty permanently! I continued to advance my skills with more courses including completing my beauty diploma to achieve an all-round knowledge of the skin and body.

I headed the Art department for a local university specializing in first and second year makeup students while getting my teachers qualification in 2009. I then proceeded to perfect my skills in Permanent Makeup with extra advanced classes and this is where 4 Elements Academy was born in 2013. Four uniquely odd directors, who focus on the ‘upliftment’ and entrepreneurship for learners all around the country. We target those who have a passion for makeup and specifically permanent cosmetics; who could start a career and support themselves financially. I wanted them to also feel the empowerment of enhancing natural beauty and to be taught the right way, with the right knowledge and skills, safely and effectively.

A big part of my approach in teaching learners is partly focusing on ethics in this industry and to work in a hygienic safe environment. I believe that with enough practice and determination anyone can learn a new skill. But correct training around blood-borne pathogens and deadly diseases that could be lying on your plinth needs special care and correct understanding. All of these things are an integral part of the training process.

Apart from my love for permanent cosmetics, I am also a rock star.


I am a South African born Micropigmentation enthusiast. I have been in the industry for 17 years. I am a qualified Somatologist and Micropigmentation/Dermapigmentation specialist.

I own a successful medical skincare clinic were we offer a full scope of medical/cosmetic treatments. I am the proud owner of CM Academy were I teach independently in the beauty and Pmu industry. My hobby turned into my job and I am very passionate about what I do. I am a creative individual who have a whole lot to offer the industry. I find it very rewarding to help men snd eoman from all walks of life.

Being a mother of two beautiful children has never stopped me from being the best business woman and artist I can be. In fact it has helped me in so many ways.

My signature treatments:
Pixel Ombré brows
Nano Ombré lips
Pixel wing liner


My career didn’t originally start in the beauty industry. In fact, quite the opposite.

After completing my BComm Finance degree, I spent 3 years in imports and exports. Desiring a change, I completed my lash certification in 2008, and a Skincare Therapy qualification in 2010.

I opened the Lash & Brow Bar then, gained a permanent makeup certification in 2014, and have since developed my own range of eyelash extensions and products called Eyediology. I strive to help women from all walks of life look and feel their best, while simultaneously consistently improving the standards within the industry. I am passionate about training technicians to not only provide perfect lashes, but to uphold the same standards I strive to.



Established in 1972, SAAHSP was awarded Professional Body Recognition by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the 19th March 2013.

SAAHSP Professional Body will develop, award, monitor and revoke professional designations.  The industry becomes self-regulated; therefore, the standard of excellence is established.  Growth of credibility and professionalism is guaranteed.

Professional designations indicate registration of the individual with a Professional body, and prove that you are licensed by a professional organisation.

SAAHSP regulates Continual Professional Development (CPD) which is defined as the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of Professional and Technical duties throughout a person’s career.


Completed her studies in 2001 and immediately went into the Education realm and has been actively involved with Education for the past 17 years.  As the Professional Body Administrator for the past 7 years at SAAHSP she was an integral part of getting SAAHSP recognised as the Professional Body for the Skin, Body and Nail Care Industry.

She has also been currently appointed as the Executive Director of SAAHSP as the Company Secretary.


Meet another speaker that needs no introduction.

My name is Nikki van Gend. My pmu career started shortly after I completed my National Diploma in Somatology at the Free State Technikon in 1996.

I realized very soon the importance of colour knowledge and it has ever since been an area of special interest to me.

Currently I am the distributor for Li Pigments in South Africa and I have an established business in George. I am passionate about sharing knowledge with other technicians and beleive in working together in our industry through PCASA and especially the CPCP qualification.