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Paula Becker


Meet Paula Becker, the Principal Trainer and Master Qualified Aesthetic Specialist with over 28 years of practical experience in the field of Beauty Therapy. Paula started her career in 1991 and has been educating and instructing students in the beauty industry since 1997. With a high skill level and unwavering diligence, she has become an expert in her field, always staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends through ongoing education and practice.

Paula Becker’s commitment to the highest quality standards is reflected not only in her work, but also in her hygiene protocols, permanent makeup supplies, and pigment choices. As a result, she offers her students the best training possible, helping them pursue a successful career in the industry.

Paula Becker’s impressive list of qualifications includes CIDESCO (1993), MHBth (Potchefstroom academy), and SAIBTH (1992). She is a registered member of the SPCP (member no. 042641 – USA) and is proud to hold the ITEC Accreditation, PAB Accreditation, SAASHP Registration, and PCASA Registration as a PMU School. She is also an Accredited Assessor, Facilitator, and Moderator for ETDP SETA and a PCASA Board Member since 2012, having served as its Past President in 2020. Paula is also a qualified CPCP and SPCP Member (USA).

Her passion for continuous learning has led Paula Becker to attend various master classes and workshops, including NPM International Master Class on HFS Treatments for Areola Reconstruction and Shaded Eyeliner Technique by Mosha Alul (2016), INDELIBELiner Workshop in Gloss & Go Lips, Ombre Brows, and 3D Hairstroke Eyebrows (2016), and Monica Ivani Advanced Masterclass Feathered Hairstroke Brows (2017). In addition, she is an Accredited PhiBrows Microblading Artist by Branko Babic Microblading Academy (2016) and has received training from Dora Hollos in Budapest on Ombre Eyebrows, Stardust Eyeliner, Watercolour Lips, and Hyper-Realistic Eyebrow Strokes.

Paula Becker’s dedication to her craft has been recognized by her peers, as she was a guest of honour at the SPCP Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in 2018, representing PCASA. She also attended the Eyebrows Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2019, where she continued to hone her skills and expand her knowledge of the beauty industry.

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