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Three Month Full Membership

R600,00 every 3 months

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  • Protection (both to the public and the technician), Professionalism and Perfection (helping you to perfect your work).
  • Access to be able to take A Certified Professional Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) Certification Examination. Although the SPCP offers the CPCP exam to non-members, being an SPCP member and obtaining CPCP credentials strengthens your professional profile and positioning in the industry.
  • Quarterly newsletters are written by industry leaders providing education and information on new developments as they emerge.
  • An annual educational convention and trade show will be held in the second term of each year.
  • Publicity through many different media so the general public will know where to call for answers regarding the industry.
  • A technician referral program through the PCASA website.
  • Bloodborne pathogen class, in line with the SPCP requirements, is available annually.
  • Access to support products, including colour books, professional brochures for clients, client history forms, pre-procedure and after-care forms, chart notes, and medical, esthetics and machine books and the Ten Year Journal through the SPCP.
  • Registered logos are available for exclusive member use through the PCASA Media Kit.
  • Association members are available to assist with self-regulation, publicity, and other business-related questions.
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